#CLARITY #NetNeutrality ... to sell access... you must have access to the end points... my house, your house, any business. This is why the cell companies became big players... their devices are in our hands. The Cable and Telephone companies long developed the global framework The Greater Global Network MUST be a cooperation/collaboration to function there MUST be protocols that are universal... that is how they all play together now, happily crossing each others boundaries so long as they can keep their client/national base... this is the user view, the #NetNeutralView. The content providers that the networks quickly purchased and re-branded continue to grow and be innovative and then along comes cloud based technologies (before they were available to you and me as users created for content developers) which enable the yahoos, googles, msns facebooks amazons etc, to come about without big brother networks influence or control. So much so that NOW you or I have the reach millions in 3 or less degrees.... This is Scary to Governments, Large Corporations and all others that insist on class based oppression.... This IS DEEP! #BeWoke?? - TBA

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