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You Mother F'ers Don't Know!!!
Racism = White Supremacy = Social Supremacy The idea of #LastManStanding rings as a pervasive migraine, grown from a mentality of scarceness. Once gained, understanding of universal order.... that withstands which is able... Balance/Logic/Reasoning was thrown out the window. Dubiously rallied to what exists today (fear). Race (as defined in color), having been exposed as the farce that it is, has been mutated and infused into the #SocialLubrication (TOP) we all suffer.... an immersion into #Systems designed to subjugate #AllForOne. All to the perversion of #ThingsUniversal (I don't Get It Either)
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declinism bias
declinism You remember the past as better than it was, and expect the future to be worse than evidence suggests it will be. Despite living in the most peaceful and prosperous time in history, many people believe things are getting worse. Use metrics such as life expectancy, levels of crime and violence, and prosperity statistics.
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