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Ethnic Gnosticism is a term crafted by Dr. Voddie Baucham to explain the phenomenon of people believing that somehow because of ones ethnicity that one is able to know when something or someone is racist.
1. a system of words, letters, figures, or other symbols substituted for other words, letters, etc., especially for the purposes of secrecy. "the Americans cracked their diplomatic code" synonyms: cipher, key; More 2. COMPUTING program instructions. "hundreds of lines of code" verb 1. convert (the words of a message) into a particular code in order to convey a secret meaning. "only Mitch knew how to read the message, even the name was coded" 2. write code for (a computer program). "most developers code C + + like C"
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The art of Obfuscation at the Nth Degree... #PerfectDeflection
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