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middle ground Saying that a compromise, or middle point, between two extremes is the truth. Holly said that vaccinations caused autism in children, but her scientifically well-read friend Caleb said that this claim had been debunked and proven false. Their friend Alice offered a compromise that vaccinations cause some autism.
middle ground fallacy
Racism = White Supremacy = Social Supremacy The idea of #LastManStanding rings as a pervasive migraine, grown from a mentality of scarceness. Once gained, understanding of universal order.... that withstands which is able... Balance/Logic/Reasoning was thrown out the window. Dubiously rallied to what exists today (fear). Race (as defined in color), having been exposed as the farce that it is, has been mutated and infused into the #SocialLubrication (TOP) we all suffer.... an immersion into #Systems designed to subjugate #AllForOne. All to the perversion of #ThingsUniversal (I don't Get It Either)
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The un faltering and immortal faith one has in the P-Funk!!
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